GO !!  I spoke about this park before but I LOVE IT>

It is so lovely to have a picnic there – you can take the ferry over and go to PS 1 and Socrates Park – it is a beautiful view with some incredible installations right now.

Queen Mother of Reality


Queen Mother of Reality by Paweł Althamer is a monumental, mixed media sculpture of an elegant figure that is peacefully reclining in the shaded southern section of the park overlooking the East River waterfront.

DSC05734 DSC05741



Scarecrow is a new site-specific installation by artist Žilvinas Kempinas and the largest installation in Socrates’ 28-year history. Minimal and magical, the sculpture will be a 250-foot-long, thirteen-foot-high kinetic pathway composed of 200 stainless steel, mirrored poles connecting energetic slopes of silver Mylar ribbon overhead. With  two simple elements – poles and tape – Scarecrow activates the invisible forces of nature.


Citoyen du Monde


Citoyen du Monde, the park’s spring Broadway Billboard by the Beninese artist Meschac Gaba, is the artist’s vision for a global flag. Created by elongating individual flags from every country in the world into narrow triangles that converge at a central point, this optically spectacular work presents a humorous image of idealism and optimism for resolutions to the difficulties and crises that divide our world. The singularity of each flag is lost in the rhythm of the composition as is the case in the age of globalization where national borders merge into the international. Greeting visitors at the entrance to the park, this large scale utopic graphic broadcasts a message of unity that reflects Socrates’ mission to introduce art to the broadest spectrum of people possible.


DSC05750And the coolest part is it is dog friendly ! DSC05745

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