Talking with Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OB-GYN about my Gestational Diabetes & Monistat


When I had Tatum Michael I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes — maybe because of my age – who knows but I had it… I had to prick my finger everyday 4 times – monitor my blood sugars and get monitored once a week leading up to delivery for about 3 – 4 months….. it was a lot of appts. One thing I did not realize is that it could cause my PH Balances to change and they did while on a camping trip in the middle of no where I winded up having to deal with a little episode.  It was quite scary and something I did not realize could happen but it happened to me…. anyway here is more on all of that….

I learned from Dr. Alyssa Dweck, OB-GYN recently about some things to watch out for … and some advice… listen here

Pregnancy can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience as many expecting mothers are often given conflicting and sometimes incorrect advice during their pregnancy. More than one-quarter of women admit that they received differing advice from other women they know. Moreover, 38 percent note that the information provided by their doctor was significantly different from what their mothers were told when pregnant. That’s likely because most expecting mothers are not aware of the new research that is constantly emerging; especially information associated with the health risks certain products can cause for mom and baby.

A new “Confusion After Conception” national survey of 2,000 women who have been or are currently pregnant, found that more than 36 percent of respondents feel that there’s an overabundance of information shared with women during pregnancy. And, nearly 84 percent admit to feeling doubt surrounding the health choices they made during pregnancy.

We had a great convo about some advice – ideas and more… wish we had more time to talk but hopefully this will be helpful


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