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I love interviewing awesome female entrepreneurs that are being so smart when producing products that solve problems… how many times have you traveled and had a dirty sheet or old sheet or just uncomfortable…. ewwww !!! Here comes the brandchild of this awesome creative entrepreneur !

Who created this and why?

Our CEO, Nichole Alden created Brave Era. Here’s her story on how and why she created Brave Era.

An undercover expose recently showed that 1 in 3 hotels here in the U.S. were guilty of not changing sheets between guests. ONE IN THREE! And these were what most of us would consider decent hotels. After being grossed out one too many times while traveling, I started bringing a sleeping bag liner along, but the liners I used were designed for camping. They were low quality. Some were made out of synthetic materials like polyester that made me sweat. There were cotton ones, but those were too bulky and heavy. I found a few silk options but they were super thin and fell apart in the wash. I realized the versatile travel sheet I wanted didn’t exist, so I decided I’d make it myself. I knew that silk was the strongest, softest, lightest material available, not to mention naturally hypoallergenic. I discovered the best mulberry silk was made in a tiny region in China and, never being one to half-bake anything, I went there. I toured factories and learned everything I could about the process. In the summer of 2016 I took a huge risk, taking a $28,000 cash advance from my personal credit card to start the business. After several months of trial and error, I created the best travel sheet available, figured out how to produce them in large quantities without compromising quality, and brought the BRAVE ERA silk travel sheet to market. Starting this venture was the start of a BRAVE ERA for me, as I transitioned with savings and no safety net from inner city elementary school teacher to bootstrapped product entrepreneur. So, BRAVE ERA seemed an apt name for the company. Every day is a new adventure.I hope you’ll connect with me to share your brave adventures and that you’re able to enjoy your future travels with your very own BRAVE ERA silk travel sheet! Cheers to many adventurous days and peaceful nights and cheers to being brave!

– Nichole Alden, Chief Exploring Officer, Brave Era

brave era

What are the benefits?

UNMATCHED QUALITY: Premium design and highest attention to detail means stronger construction and lasting durability. Full-sized pillow pocket incorporated into design.

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: About the weight of an iPhone, less than 6oz (170g), fits easily into any suitcase or backpack while offering a roomy fit for sleepers up to 6’6″ (220cm) tall.

NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC & TEMPERATURE REGULATING: Natural silk is ideal for sensitive skin and offers protection against dust mites, allergens, harsh detergents and unclean bedding. Natural fibers absorb and ​release body heat for a more comfortable sleep.


MACHINE WASHABLE: Easy to wash and air dries quickly.


What colors are avail?

Colors: Sharkskin Gray & Natural White. Natural White is currently out of stock but will again be available by the end of this month.





Is this sustainable / eco – how is it created?

Brave Era uses only the highest quality silk obtained from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm (Bombyx). This silkworm is native to Xuzhou (called Pengcheng in ancient times) located in the Jiangsu Province of China. This region has been producing top grade silk since 3000 BC.. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the center of this beautiful silk-producing city.

Silk is naturally biodegradable in our environment so we are proud to be producing a product that will be regenerated into the earth once it’s use is complete. With regards to fair trade, Brave Era visits the manufacturing facilities to ensure high quality working conditions for everyone who contributes to working on our products as it’s important for us as a brand to partner with manufactures with fair trade practices.


What size do they come in?

The pouch itself is 8 inches by 6 inches and, when filled with the sheet, less than 2 inches in thickness. Brave Era designed its silk carrying pouch to hold the sheet easily after each use. One of the most annoying things about carrying pouches for compact products is that it can be difficult, even sometimes impossible, to get them back into their bags. We kept this in mind when designing Brave Era’s silk pouch. There is no need to fold the sheet up neatly in order to fit it back into the bag. The sheet will fit easily back into the pouch, even when stuffed in unfolded. It’s truly amazing to see a sheet designed to fit a man up to 6’6″ tall fit into such a tiny carrying pouch. We are proud to provide a comfortable sleep solution for backpackers that takes up so little space in the pack.

Brave Era’s 100% Mulberry Silk Travel Sheet measures 78″ x 33″ (220cm x 85cm) and is rectangular in shape. We always aim to be conservative in our product claims, erring on the side of under-promising/over-delivering when it comes to specs. Our product actually measures just shy of 7 FEET long in total. The attached full-sized pillow pocket itself is 11″ long. The rest of the sheet (from the bottom of the sheet up to the bottom of the pillow pocket) measures 6 FEET. We consider our sheet suitable to fit the needs of a sleeper up to 6’6″ tall. The sheet is 33″ (just shy of 3 FEET) wide. Since each of our sheets is hand sewn, there may be slight variations in exact measurements


You can also breeze through our Amazon product page and our website as well, as there is tons of great product information on those sites as well.


Also, we just launched our second product, a 100% SILK Hypoallergenic Sleep Mask with Compact Travel Pouch. Made out of the same amazing quality as the silk travel sheet. You can find more info about that product here.

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