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I am not sure where I read about this film but somewhere it popped up and it interested me for a few reasons.  The first is I have been trying to become more spiritual and have been visiting several meditation sessions that have some Buddhist teaching throughout the sessions.  For example, last week I went to a session from 10:30 – 3:30 and heard about how to relate to my past, present and future. Some of the teachings I really can jump on and some I don’t really believe in – but all in all the journey of taking these classes/ sessions is teaching me to have an even better understanding of myself and things I have to work on. Anyway so that is one reason why this interest me because I have been taught by a Buddhist monk last week for several hours and sang traditional songs and heard about teachings. The next reason is because I love photography and enjoy documentaries about photographers – I have not seen as many as I wish but did see Bill Cunnigham’s as well as Advanced Style recently so that part of this story interested me.  Next I am a fan of Diana Vreeland and loved the documentary about her that came out a couple years ago and this was about her grandson so I knew I would enjoy hearing about anything he might have learned from his grandmother.

Learn more here :

So first thing when I heard about the film I emailed and heard back from one of the filmmakers – Gudio – instantly ! He was so lovely and encouraging me to see this film and told me Nicholas was going to be doing a Q&A so I thought this was a sign and I should support.

The film was beautifully done and I believe caught the right amount of history ( the story ), the journey aspect that Nicholas Vreeland had taken, a bit of the spiritual side and definitely hit me emotionally.

Nicholas was trained by top photographers including Irving Penn so he had an incredible mentor and he seems to be a good student – they talk about his discipline a bit – he is very motivated. I think he has a natural eye as well because his photography is memorable and emotional.  His photography was enlightening. Then you hear about what he did during his journey and what he created. It was very motivating.

There was a time when he seemed to be worried because of a certain situation and he figured out a way to get out of the situation and create something incredible. It shows that sometimes even in the worst situations we can still strive to our accomplishment.

It showed devotion and the art of simple living and so much more.

He did a wonderful Q&A after the film – he is very eloquent – he thinks about what he is going to say and answers each question with concise thought.

I learned a lot from the film and it was a film that allowed me to look inside myself a bit too. Those are the best types of films.

I hope to visit the monastery one day – that would be a wonderful journey to look forward too.

I also enjoyed that Wendy Goodman was in some of the film because I know her from my days at YEOHLEE and loved her insight into Nicholas’ story.

Here is some more info on the film – go and see it !

From the website written by the team behind this excellent story : 

MONK WITH A CAMERA chronicles the life and spiritual quest of Nicholas (Nicky) Vreeland, who for the past twenty-eight years has been a Tibetan Buddhist monk. The son of a United States Ambassador, grandson of legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, and a photographer by trade, Nicky left his privileged life behind to follow his true calling. He moved to India, cutting his ties with society, photography, and his pleasure-filled world, to live in a monastery with no running water or electricity. There he would spend the next 14 years studying to become a monk. Then in one of life’s beautiful twists, Nicky went back to the worldly pursuit of photography in order to help his fellow monks rebuild their monastery, one of the most important of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. His journey from being a photographer to becoming a monk and, most recently, to being appointed as the abbot of the monastery he helped to rebuild, are the core of the story.

Congratulations to the film makers as well : .Guido  Santi (Producer/Director/Editor). Tina Mascara (Producer/Director/Editor)  Vishwanath (Vish) Alluri (Producer/Exec. Producer) and of course Nicholas Vreeland – thank you for sharing your story. 

See some of Nicholas’ work :

There is a beautiful Tibetan center in Staten Island that I have been to a few times with my parents and I highly recommend to go there to take there Tai Chi or Meditation classes

buddhist 2 buddhist 3 buddhist 4 buddhist

After dinner at Lucali’s I took my parents out to Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Check this out for the schedule of events and vendors –  Entrance is free and it is so fun – they have  a little mini golf area, skee ball, air hockey, games, lots of fun shopping, great food choices and live bands.  It is a great place to go on the weekends.  It is also a great way to support some local artisans.



Lots of fun brooches and rings to look at DSC00672My mom checking out the vintage glasses – she found a fun vintage ring -


My dad scoping out the shopping DSC00666I saw these puppets before and these characters in Union Square – I have a frame with a little puppet pic in it – so sweet – I bought one for my friend PJL who is awesome and has 3 kids now so I thought he would appreciate it – they have so much flare- and the creator is so fun and animated about the puppets I had to get one – I got the martian check out for more info on these characters – he has a book as well all about them- Marty Allen sock puppet madness – you can also check him out on  DSC00675DSC00678DSC00679DSC00680DSC00686There was handcrafted ice cream of course – Brooklyn is becoming the crafted ice cream scene – my favorites are still : STEVE’s of course,  Phin & Phebe’s and Blue Marble and of course Ample Hills Creamery but I had to try Ice & Vice – I loved the idea of the flavor – I love sea salt in ice cream but I felt it wasn’t creamy enough – It also could be that this is like a pop up so the cooling systems might not be the best – it is definitely worth a try.I love ice cream so I am super critical and again it was yummy &  definitely worth a try ! Milk Money is the flavor I tried and thought the taste was very original. I stand by Steve’s ice cream and Ample Hills Creamery as my two first favorites – I love them ! And also dig the sprinkles ice cream at OddFellows in Williamsburg. DSC00690

Lastly there was a tarot card reader there – you should definitely give a shot if you go for $10 you can get a past present and future reading and she just had a nice vibe about her – so I would recommend that as something fun to do and she was very thoughtful and really put some great energy around the reading. I really liked her style and felt like it was a good reading with some interesting things to think about for my future.

This past weekend I finally checked out LUCALI pizza in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. I can’t believe me loving pizza have never been here before but I was with my parents all weekend so we decided to check it out since they too love pizza.  Some of my favorite pizza places are Lombardi’s in Nolita, on the Upper East Side is totally one of my favorite faves, I love of course because it is near my house and right in the Fashion District – a great gem and I think they make some great pizza.  I think Roberta’s in Bushwick has some good kick butt pizza and of course I would still say that the Sicilian pizza from L&B is definitely one of my favorites because the taste of their pizza is so distinct.  I grew up in Brooklyn and then Staten Island so I have tried some of the best pizza on 86th street to Hylan Blvd.  When I go home to Staten Island to visit my parents there is no journey complete without visiting Mr. Pizza on Richmond Avenue.  I also loved CLAUDINE’s in Carroll Gardens – the pizza there was pretty yummy as well.


Definitely get the calzone – the crust is so crispy and baked with the perfect timing – and their cheese has to be right off the boat – because it is delicious. They give you extra marinara and cheese to put on top which makes the whole experience more heavenly.

Once you have the calzone you might feel a bit full but I still ate 3 pieces of pizza and I don’t eat that much usually but it was that good – the fresh basil on top of the pizza is delicious. I would suggest for your first time to not do toppings because  you don’t want to distract from the perfect pizza experience. The crust was perfect – the sauce incredible – the cheese heavenly and basil so fragrant and fresh.

The atmosphere is so special – dark and candlelit – very peaceful and you can bring your own wine – so I think that saves you some money and with a good bottle of red – wowzer what an experience!

The strategy was that we got there at 5pm – we were the first ones there – they took our name around 5:15 and we were the first ones on the list. We found a spot nearby so we waited in the car but heard two blocks down that Bar Bruno is a gem for drinks beforehand.  We were called around 5.55 and they had seating super organized so we took the table for three.  Although people kept lining up to put their names in – we never felt rushed. The service was really awesome constantly bringing us warm sauce and checking on us. We had two slices left to bring home to Scott to try so they wrapped those up.

There are some super cool antiques it seems in the space and they have a cute Henry street sign.

Our bill was super affordable and totally worth every cent. I highly recommend all to try Lucali pizza.

Heard they just opened one in Miami so I am sure that will be hopping during Art Basel.


Flashback to my trip to Kenya – what an amazing journey :

africa 24

When we flew back from Croatia we wanted to be close to the CDG airport for Paris and when I was looking for hotels I found CITIZEN M which happens to also have a property in NYC I found out. The check in was guided by help but was essentially done by the guest on a computer. It was a short stay but I highly recommend it – well priced and fun – definitely the coolest place I ever stayed so close to an airport – usually you dread staying in “airport hotels” but this was a true gem to find. You can find them at :

DSC00087I love Elephants so I loved these guys 
DSC00090 We had a little welcome  SAMSUNG which you could use to control different gadgets in the room DSC00092 The bed appeared small but was huge DSC00094 DSC00095The cool part was also the bar area that serves 24 hours – and it is set up like a modern cafeteria 
DSC00098 DSC00101 DSC00102 DSC00105 DSC00106 DSC00107 The lounge area was super spacious and so well decorated – super fun from elephants to Buddha to Pineapples DSC00110 DSC00112 DSC00114French books in large jars
DSC00117 DSC00118DSC00121 DSC00122 DSC00126 DSC00127 DSC00133 DSC00134 DSC00136 DSC00138 DSC00142 DSC00143DSC00151I thought this was a really fun site for the women’s and men’s room and some good ideas for fun in “bathroom decor” 

DSC00169 DSC00170And of course they had the Kennedy’s book out 
DSC00181DSC00185 DSC00187 DSC00192

STYLE 360 backstage – prepping for the show to begin
bonkuk koo fashion show ready to goHIGHLINE FASHION SHOW TEAM – the first ever fashion show on the HIGH LINE open to the public and Caravan Stylist Studio helped produce it 
caravan teamChatting with NY 1 about the fashion week initiative css_nyfw_heartny-23Checking the music for the HIGH LINE show highline fashion event with djOver 500+ guests at the High Line Show king 22Finale of High Line show king 25Finale of SMURFETTE show – of course there was a bride Le Smurfette - Runway -  Fall 2013 Conair Style360Le Smurfette - Runway -  Fall 2013 Conair Style360The Monopoly show with Monopoly man STYLE360 Presents Monopoly By Junk Food Art House "Money Can't Buy Happiness" Fashion ShowBoy Meets Girl banker STYLE360 Presents Monopoly By Junk Food Art House "Money Can't Buy Happiness" Fashion ShowSTYLE360 Presents Monopoly By Junk Food Art House "Money Can't Buy Happiness" Fashion ShowSTYLE360 Presents Monopoly By Junk Food Art House "Money Can't Buy Happiness" Fashion ShowMoney Money Money designed by Caravan Stylist Studio – coat is FAUX FUR of course ! I love making clothes ! 
STYLE360 Presents Monopoly By Junk Food Art House "Money Can't Buy Happiness" Fashion ShowA past show I put togehter and designed this dress – Dania Ramirez is so lovely and was so wonderful to be part of this show 
10.09.15 19.00The first show that Caravan put together – designer was Ivana Helsinki who I had the honor of visiting her exhibition during Paris fashion week new deltaRecently I had the opportunity to work with Serena Williams, HSN and her team to help produce the fashion show – it was an incredible experience STYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowA look from the Serena Williams show STYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowSTYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowLoved this – it is so wonderful when the models are excited about a show – Manon after the finale STYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowSerena Williams after the finale STYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowSTYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowSTYLE360 Spring 2015STYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowSTYLE360 Spring 2015 Serena Williams backstage/frontrowI produced a fashion show for the NFL over a year ago to celebrate the Super Bowl coming to NYC
nfl show 2nfl showI also produced Daisy Fuentes fashion show about two years ago daisy 1 daisy 2 daisy 4 daisy 6One of the first shows I produced and designed for – dress by CARAVAN by Claudine DeSola – feather dress
white featherI worked with one of my favorite artist for this dress – worked with Danny Roberts on this look- I worked off a sketch and had it design – it was very intricate with layers of tule and chiffon they came out beautiful Dresses I designed for CaravanFamous model Kyle Bisutti wearing one of the tulip dresses kylie on runwaykylie 2caravan looks before the showAnother show I produced I designed a dress for one of my favorites – Maria Menouos – she loved the dress and asked to keep it – I was so excited – it was hard to create because we never had the chance to do a fitting but it worked out perfectly 11

Right now I am going through some research on Buddhism – it is a religion that always fascinated me and seems to be so peaceful and kind and accepting.  I really love going to the TIBETAN center in Staten Island – it is such a peaceful place –

DSC00420 DSC00421 DSC00424 Also my parents just found this incredible place that their cousin told them about that is a shrine for SAINTS where you can go and pray and light candles and set intentions. I truly believe in SAINTS – I think there are people that have the ability to give back and heal and may truly have gifted powers.  I believe in God and Jesus and Mary and everything I learned in a broad way from Catholic school. I loved going to church and being inspired by a priest when they gave an amazing sermon. I like modern day sermons where they feel motivational and just really in an effort to help thy neighbors.  The only issue I have with the church is the fact that they are against gay marriage – and this is a sticking point.  I don’t know how we can love thy neighbor but not accept thy neighbor.  That is just really terrible that our religion doesn’t allow us to accept people for who they are in a way.

Anyway I enjoyed visiting this shrine with my parents and actually felt closer to God in a long time. We lit a candle for St. Anthony and said a prayer with St. Michael and prayed to St. Gerard for me.  We also said special prayers to Mary, God and all the saints. I then made my parents sit and meditate. To practice stillness, quiet thought and reflection.

  I thank my parents for taking me to this magical place on Staten Island. You can find this place on the side of the book  store :

Alba House Book Store

2187 Victory Boulevard


DSC00429 DSC00430 DSC00431DSC00433 DSC00434 DSC00438

I can’t wait till next year – I saw a lot of kids out for this and it was such a good idea – to expose children to these incredible artists & all of this light and symmetry and shapes.  Such an amazing time – and then we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge.


DSC00500 DSC00501 DSC00502 DSC00507 DSC00512 DSC00514 DSC00537 DSC00549 DSC00552 DSC00553DSC00556 DSC00558 DSC00560DSC00566 DSC00573 DSC00577 DSC00578DSC00589 DSC00595

Just found some more fun photos from our trip to the County Fair and being photographed by the amazing photographer TIM CORREIRA – check out his work – especially if you are getting married in the New England area Claudine&Scott001Claudine&Scott004 Claudine&Scott005 Claudine&Scott011 Claudine&Scott021 Claudine&Scott035 Claudine&Scott050 Claudine&Scott059 Claudine&Scott063 Claudine&Scott062 Claudine&Scott083

I went to visit my parents in good old Staten Island last weekend when Scott was in Massachusetts and we stumbled across this amazing set decorated house for Halloween – the attention to detail is amazing. Every time you look you see something new. I noticed when I googled STATEN ISLAND HALLOWEEN DECORATED HOUSE 2014 – this popped up – and well deserved for this house –

Their hashtag #SPOOKYSTATEN

halloween 1 halloween 2 halloween 3 halloween 4 halloween 7 halloween5 halloween6 halloween8 halloween10 halloween11Dad watch out don’t get too close to this bride ! 
halloween13 halloween14 halloween15 Mom – I don’t think this is your prince charming halloween19

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