I read about this lovely shop but finally was able to visit. It was a lovely and yummy experience.  I loved my treat and loved that they had BELOVIR ( keeping with the French tradition perhaps ) and an incredible backyard in the back which was open to enjoy the sunshine. I read up on Sophie and she has a lovely story and such a lovely shop – do visit and have a little celebration of sorts in the backyard – it is great for a romantic afternoon or a friendly outing.

DSC05156 DSC05158 DSC05159 DSC05160 DSC05161 DSC05162 DSC05163 DSC05164 DSC05166

Coming from having a store CARAVAN and having interest in retail concepts I had to run to the new Urban Outfitters concept store in Williamsburg this weekend.  I am also a big fan of the corporation “Urban Outfitters” from the actual store to Free People to Anthropologie to BHLDN – everything they do is just really interesting and has layers.

The store is beautiful and there are a lot of well thought out intricate displays and vignettes built out like pieces of art work.  You feel like the merchandising was inspired by a music festival especially COACHELLA specifically you can find a lot of great pieces that would be perfect for the festival and it seems like the buyers had that person in mind when merchandising or maybe that “festival” wear is what is just happening on the streets.  I found fringe tops, denim shorts, leather bags with crystals on them that were all super cool.  I found beautiful crystals throughout the store and lots of this yarn inspired bohemian home goods – that personally I thought were overpriced.  I bet a lot are made my incredible artisans but the prices really aren’t affordable for a plant holder.  I did love that they used a lot of greenery around the store which made it feel very warm inside. I wish there were more clothes – they built out this incredible t-shirt segment that felt like an odd to COTTON that I loved complete with a hammock.  Upstairs you will find their vinyl section – which I love and recently read that Urban Outfitters is one of the top sellers of vinyls in the country and it is so nice they are keeping people up with that tradition of owning some real records – something that has beautiful artwork and you can touch and feel.  Yes there were hammocks, sage, crystals – the one thing that was missing was a teepee –  It would be awesome if they put one in the restuarant or bar upstairs that you can reserve – that would be super cool :) There was also a lot of madras prints which I think were intersting but again maybe a bit overpriced. And there was some incredible turquoise jewelry – I think incorporating some turquoise into your jewelry collection is always nice and grounding in a way. All in all I recommend visiting this shop because it is a beautiful visual experience – I would definitely merchandise it a bit different so there is just more that would be more affordable to purchase certain things especially the home goods for us entrepreneurs that don’t have a disposable income.
DSC05177DSC05182 DSC05183 DSC05187 DSC05188 DSC05191 DSC05192 DSC05193 DSC05195 DSC05198 DSC05200 DSC05201 DSC05204 DSC05205 DSC05206DSC05180DSC05181

Yes I must say that my pants are dope – I am not quite sure what tagent I was on when this photo was taken but here I am with my rad pants by Nikki Poulos, my leather tank from Century 21 and my Belvoir.  Pretty cool !

nikki poulos

LaMarca is incredibly delicious, well priced and beautiful.  The packaging is incredible and I was so lucky to score one of their smaller bottles – it is a great gift at a party or wedding.  It is also adorable to serve at a party.  Next time you visit your local wine shop definitely check out this prosecco you won’t be disappointed.

LaMarca image

It is a very exciting time I am getting married to an awesome guy-  - Scott who is so wonderful.

We are getting married in Martha’s Vineyard in August and I wanted to find a dress that was elegant but comfortable.

I wanted to find a dress that didn’t put me in credit card debt but was beautiful and well designed.

The curation of the dresses at BHLDN is incredible.

You have to go online and book an appointment but from the start I knew this was going to be a great experience – I am a huge fan of ANTHROPOLOGIE so I had high standards and the experience didn’t let me down one bit.

From the moment I made the appointment online – I felt this was right – they asked all the right questions and asked which dresses I wanted to try on from what I saw on the website.

When I arrived I walked around the salon area and met Emily who was so lovely and made everything feel special.

She let us look at all the dresses to make sure we weren’t missing anything and then we went to a lovely area of the dressing room within the store with a large mirror and large dressing room to try on the dresses.

If you are getting married and do not have a specific designer in mind I highly recommend checking out BHLDN which is pronounced BEHOLDEN.  Also if you get a moment check out their pinterest page which is equally inspirational.

They have dresses from Tadashi Shoji, THEIA ( we love Don O’Neill) , CATHERINE DEANE and many others.

They also have bridesmaids dresses.  I am not having bridesmaids but I was there were tons of lovely dresses for them.

Beyond that if you find your dress you can also match some headpieces and jewelry to the dress.

I was in love with my BHLDN experience and would recommend it over and over again.  I really wish I could go back again soon just because it was such a fun time.

I loved this dress by THEIA – I didn’t pick this dress but I love the ombre – the back is clamped – for me I didn’t get to try on my size in the dresses – so they clamp them to give you an idea of what it might fit like – it was like what I do on styling shoots.

wedding dress 5 wedding dress 7 wedding dress 8 wedding dress 9 wedding dress 10 wedding dress 11 wedding dress 12 wedding dress 13 wedding dress 14 wedding dress 15 wedding dress 16 wedding dress 17 wedding dress 18 wedding dress 19 wedding dress 20

A few weekends ago I went to the New York Historical Society with Scott to see the Bill Cunnigham exhibit of his photography project.

One of mine and Scott’s earlier dates was seeing the Bill Cunnigham film -

We really loved the film and his love of New York and spirit and his portrait series where he does this interesting collection of fashion, architecture and history all mixed together to create this incredible body of work with such narrative. It is very interesting.

I also have never been to the this museum before and I found some amazing work by Keith Haring inside running alongside some fun Grace Jones videos with Keith Haring influence and watched this amazing short film about the history of NYC.

I definitely recommend a visit.

DSC05061 DSC05064 DSC05069

I love the brillance behind the MCKITTRICK HOTEL – It is so creative and so New York – I frequent GALLOW GREEN during the summer but did not try dinner at THE HEATH until last night and it was amazing – veggie chips, mushroom salad, Scott tried one of their pies and of course we had to do dessert –

This place is amazing to take guests from out of town or someone for their birthday, anniversary – it has amazing decor, music and yummy food.   We sat in one of the more quiet train cars it was so cool – on a train to paradise :)

the heath 2 the heath 3 the heath 4 the heath



hollywood 2 hollywood 3I had the opportunity to see the amazing fun and creativity behind TODDLEWOOD this weekend – everyone loved it – so fun – check it out -

Gotta start the show with a little BANKSY DSC04962 JOSEPH GRAZI DSC04963 MARK JENKINSDSC04977 SPEEDY GRAPHITO DSC04978



Today was a busy work day but I also took a break at one point during lunch to take the dogs with Scott to ASTRO DOG PARK – our local dog park that was filled with snow – I think we were the first ones there and our dogs went bonkers ! Barrett usually just plays with Noel these days but she was like a puppy running around and having so much fun – she took off by herself because she loved how the snow felt around her and she also liked the taste of it.  This is what happiness is :

noel feb 13 1 noel feb 13 2 noel feb 13 3 noel feb 13 4 noel feb 13 5 noel feb 13 6 noel feb 13 7 noel feb 13 8 noel feb 13 9 noel feb 13

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