What an experience ! Originally we wanted to plan a glamping trip that turned into a camping trip that turned into a hoe down.  It was really a wonderful experience. I am not going to say that I joined the vegan way just because I went to a farm but it really opened my eyes not only to living a more “humane” life but also just a healthier life.  First if you have time a visit to the Farm Sanctuary is just beautiful – it is well kept and the animals are so happy to see you – especially the sheep and goats – they love you !  We started with some information about the animals on the farms and their stories. We got to meet the mastermind behind all of this Gene Baur – the co – founder of Farm Sanctuary.  It is so interesting – he was selling vegan  hotdogs out of a VW van at Grateful Dead concerts to fund farm animal rescues- it just shows if you have an idea and passion you can do anything. Also Gene is obviously a vegan and totally fit and runs marathons on a plant based diet – it is just being smart about how you get your energy from the food you eat. In 2012, Gene started competing in marathons and triathlons to demonstrate how plant foods can fuel athletic performance. DSC07295 On our way there we did stop at this lovely family run hidden spot – Wheels Roadhouse Cafe – they have a 50’s night, real dirtbikes inside and really fun murals – the owners are so sweet – so it is worth popping in here for a coffee instead of Starbucks just for the spirit and the ambiance.  I didn’t eat that much but the food did look good and the service was so fast ! DSC07140 DSC07141 DSC07142 Upon arrival at the Farm Sanctuary I saw that they were showcasing one of my favorites

SO DELICIOUS DAIRY FREE ICE CREAM !! DSC07145 Pigs rolling around in mud it is true ! DSC07148 DSC07160 DSC07162 DSC07165 Scott loved this little guy I think it reminded him of Noel DSC07168DSC07181 DSC07183 DSC07189 DSC07191DSC07200Yes my little sheep friend tried to go between my legs !DSC07204DSC07206DSC07208 DSC07211 A little obstacle coarse for agility for these guys – they are thinking can I jump and do it ! DSC07213 DSC07214 And he went for it !! DSC07215 DSC07216 DSC07217DSC07219 DSC07220 DSC07221 A little friend just getting some shade under the umbrella ! DSC07222DSC07229 DSC07232 DSC07233Meet my friend Ari – so so sweet ! DSC07245 DSC07248 DSC07251 DSC07254DSC07263DSC07265I loved hearing about Doron Petersan and STINKY FINGERS based in DC.  She has an amazing story and her brownies were out of control ! She has appeared on Cupcake Wars + was a two time winner and has written a recipe book. She needs to bring STINKY FINGERS to NYC! DSC07270This was one of her desserts as well – I have to say I ate two ! DSC07321

In between everything we went hiking at Watkins Glen State Park – it is also where we camped – it is incredible – my friend Jerritt originally told me about it ! DSC07273 DSC07276 DSC07278 DSC07282DSC07288DSC07398ok we went back to dinner that night and hoe down time 

DSC07355They had a lovely campfire too
DSC07380DSC07385One of the highlights for me was Scott Jurek – he is a vegan plus an ultra maranthoner- he has completed 153 mile Spartathlon, the Hardrock 100, and 100 mile Endurance Run – he went through some amazingly helpful slides and showed that you can have endurance even if you are just on a plant based diet – FOOD AS FUEL – I scooped his book right up and will soon post some of the supplements and things I have learned about from his book & slides. DSC07401And then there was Miyoko Schinner – first she is hysterically entertaining and talented she made incredible cheese – mozzarella + fondue and it was awesome – we bought her book and so excited to try some of her recipes + buy her cheeses online that she soon will be selling.  DSC07420
Thanks Gene Bauer, Susie Coston and everyone that made this weekend so special 

So what’s next ?  What will I do – right now I am eating fish, veggies, grains, and lots of fruits. Eventually I might give up fish but I am keeping it in my diet right now. But I think I have said goodbye to bacon and trying to stay away from dairy.  I do drink only coconut or almond milk so the milk will be easy but pizza I think still might call me and ice cream with milk every once in a while BUT I am loving SoDelicious ice cream and can’t wait to make some of Miyoko’s cheese receipes.  In regards to eggs, right now I am trying to avoid them but when I have to have them trying to look for more humane options – where they take care of the chickens – not just say the magic words of being cage free but actually take care of them by giving them enough space and food and keep their living spaces clean etc.  Eventually I might be able to deduct more from my diet but right now I am taking small steps. 

This weekend I explored Massachusetts where Scott is from and got to visit this store that was incredible called SEED TO STEM. It was such an amazing store.  I really loved everything. It was such an uplifting little experience with all these little gems and curios to look at – it is a store of  wonder. I purchased an air plant that had crystals in within a test tube bottle and I asked to have some feathers added and they did just that – it is so lovely. Follow them on instagram you will see a world of wonder for sure and visit their website http://www.seedtostembotanicals.com


DSC06983 DSC06984 DSC06985 DSC06989 DSC06990 DSC06994 DSC06991 DSC06995 DSC06997DSC06984DSC06989DSC06998DSC07003DSC07004DSC07005

Then we went kayaking that was so much fun on this beautiful lake in Massachusetts.


Of course we had to try the ice cream that was amazingly delicious at Good 2 Go where we rented our dual kayak – I had BIRTHDAY CAKE – it was amazing with birthday cake mixed with sprinkles – holy moly – I took a week off of sugar and this was worth the wait ! Good 2 Go Cafe & Creamery is the lighter side of Red Rock. This is where you also rent the kayaks and fun idea ice cream & kayak or lunch & kayak.


 A place I visited before that I adore is CROMPTON COLLECTIVE – they have so many amazing finds within the store from dreamcatchers to jewelry and Scott found the most interesting map of Paris –  he and I loved it that we got it for the apartment. It is really special. I also found an interesting centerpiece for one of the tables for the wedding.  It was a quick visit but it was so great !! I have to visit that place every time I go to Massachusetts to support local entrepreneurs.  I think it is a brilliant place and has some great energy.

What is Crompton Collective? 

Crompton Collective is a curated boutique marketplace located in a historic Worcester building. It is designed to celebrate  local independent makers and love of old things.

DSC07088DSC07089DSC07093DSC07094DSC07096DSC07097DSC07098DSC07099DSC07100DSC07101DSC07102DSC07103DSC07104Our new map of Paris – I love it – I can’t wait to visit Paris before we go to Croatia for our honeymoon! DSC07105DSC07106DSC07107DSC07108DSC07109My wedding centerpiece – I am in love with feathers right now and think this is such an interesting piece – I really LOVE it!  It is just very imaginative and romantic. 

Directed by Ace Norton
Starring Sonja Kinski
Produced by CJ Smith and David Morse
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman
Editor & VFX: Micah Levin

“There are no coincidences in life. What person that wandered in and out of your life was there for some purpose, even if they caused you harm. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense the short periods of time we get with people, or the outcomes from their choices. However, if you turn it over to God he promises that you will see the big picture in the hereafter. Nothing is too small to be a mistake.”
― Shannon L. Alder


On our recent travels we tried PEACE LOVE ICE CREAM – Scott had delicious coconut ice cream and I tried their cherry ice – thumbs up for sure and a nice break on a long drive ! DSC06768

Scott & I went upstate for a party for one of my work friends. She is so lovely and invited us to a camp weekend – we couldn’t go up on Friday night so we joined the party on Saturday for a little bit.  We will be camping a few times this summer but have yet to invest in a new sleeping bag for me so decided when we looked on airbnb and found TABLE ON TEN to stay there. It is in Bloomville, NY – a quiet town about 3 hours away with lots of antique shops, organic farms and farmer shops.  I hear there is a lake not far from there as well that sounds really nice. Getting back to TABLE ON TEN – this place is so lovely and has amazing service and they greet you here with a big smile.  They are so welcoming and so incredibly talented.  The space is beautiful. The outside is just natural and once inside Inez and the others on her team have created this amazing experience. When you walk in as we did on a Saturday you smell the brick oven fire in the works and you check out the menu of all the amazing pizzas they offer with beautiful ingredients. You see things like Rhubarb soda and you taste the delicious coffee they make. I am not a coffee drinker but I tried Scott’s and it was delicious.

DSC06769 DSC06770 DSC06775 DSC06777

The space is decorated so sweetly – you walk through the café and there are tables and chairs and some items to purchase. There are great candles and shea butter and I found three marble necklaces made by this young girl from Brooklyn who visited the property at one point and told Ines about these necklaces. It was my father’s 81st birthday today so I decided to buy three to connect myself, my mother and father together with these marble pieces of artwork where some proceeds go to autism speaks I understand.

The café has great little flowers and candles and a really cool side yard area with a tree that lights up at night.

DSC06779 DSC06780 DSC06781 DSC06782 DSC06783 DSC06784

 We proceeded to our room in the attic upon arrival. This room was simple beauty. Ines worked on it and it and it felt so great.  I loved the design and décor. We had a little tub which if I had more time and if it wasn’t so hot out I would have used to soak my feet in some Epsom salts – I believe in the power of this to get rid of toxins in your body and to help have a good sleep.  The only issue I would say it was a very hot night in Bloomville – there is a big powerful fan but the night was just a hot one – So maybe be aware of that if you book the attic – It would be the perfect place to visit when the weather is 90 and below – it is just when it is in the 90s+ it gets a bit stuffy. So just note that – you might want to book another room when it is very hot if you have trouble sleeping like us when it is too hot.  Other than that we loved our room. You have to remember we were in the refurbished attic that didn’t feel like an attic at all except that it got a bit hot because it was a hot hot night.  Yet at the same time there was something lovely being in the attic of this incredible building.

DSC06790 DSC06792 DSC06793 DSC06794 DSC06796DSC06798 I really like this summer dress I bought at Zara and my shoes are from one of my favorites SAM EDELMAN 
DSC06806 DSC06809These are the marbles learn more here –   https://www.facebook.com/Marbelousinc

Made by two 8-year-old best friends, born on the same day, they had a dream of creating a business
together. Not just any business, their dream was to create a company that spoke of art, friendship and making
the world a better place. Marbelous was launched in May 2013 and is now sold in fashion-centric boutiques across the country and internationally. Marbelous is filled with creative spirit as each piece is handmade in Brooklyn and hand-stamped with an “M” using vintage printing tools. They donate 10% to different organizations it was mentioned that 10% of the sale of mine would go to AUTISM SPEAKS.

DSC06824 DSC06825 DSC06826 DSC06827 DSC06828 DSC06829 DSC06831 DSC06832 DSC06834 DSC06835 DSC06836 DSC06837DSC06894DSC06896 From the RETHINK book DSC06900 DSC06904 DSC06906 DSC06907

We went to the party in HOBART and since GPS is spotty over there we decided to drive back before it was dark and we were able to experience pizza night just in the nick of time.  They allowed us to order still and we had amazing red pizza ( they also make white), a salad with fennel, argula and lentils and ginger soda.  They have a nice list of wine and beer as well. I had a summer ale that was perfectly delicious as well. We were so tired and a regret is not trying the ice cream but I am sure it was delicious.

DSC06916 DSC06917

We woke up in the morning and were greeted by Inez and were offered cucumber and mint juice to order and Scott had a turmeric tonic with orange juice and ginger that was so yummy as well. I had an egg in a biscuit and Scott had the baked eggs that were incredible.  We also tried the famous meyer lemon marmalade that was so scrumptious and I highly recommend. We played Catan in the morning on the tablet – we have yet to finish – but I was doing pretty good when breakfast came along.  We have to finish our game. To make the drive go faster I downloaded some youtube videos of Howard Stern interviewing one of our favorite actors Bryan Cranston. It was about his role in LBJ – which I got to see twice and Scott and I saw together recently – he was truly incredible.  The interview is so funny and it is great to hear a little bit more about this brilliant actor and how he prepared for this role and what is his next for him.  I have to see Godzilla, I haven’t seen that just yet but definitely need to see it after he spoke about it. Howard Stern is a comedic genius. We already decided that is the best way to pass time on long journeys. We listened to him originally on a ride to Lake George when we had Sirius radio and now realized we can easily listen to his interviews from youtube.

DSC06921 DSC06923 DSC06927 DSC06933 DSC06947DSC06949 DSC06950 DSC06951 DSC06960 DSC06965 DSC06966 DSC06968 DSC06969 DSC06970 DSC06972 DSC06974You can read more about TABLE ON TEN and please go and visit it is a great experience – http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/30/the-news-from-delaware-county/

Scott & I recently went to Philadelphia for a night and it was a super cool quick trip. I used to go constantly to Philly because I worked at a PR agency that handled PR for Anthropologie and I would go for catalog reviews. It was such an awesome experience.  Anthropologie holds a huge place in my heart and remains my favorite store.  I  love Colette and 10 Corso Como but Anthropologie is still my #1 and I had to visit the Walnut Street while there.

We first visited the READING TERMINAL MARKET – which is a huge market filled with different stalls.  It is similiar to our Chelsea Market in NYC.  It was a great experience because you get to try some of the local flavors and meet some great little shop owners.

We did go to DiNics and tried their famous sandwich and liked it but didn’t love it.  I think it is an experience though and worth trying for sure. I was very impressed with all the dessert shops and chocolate shops.

While at the market we had to try ice cream from L.D.  Bassett – they were established in 1861 and being an ice cream connoisseur of course I had to try it and it did not fail me – it was delicious.  I loved checking out the HERBIARY that had amazing essential oils and HIMALAYAN CANDLES. I wanted to eat something from Mueller’s and the Flying Monkey but I was so full.

DSC06495 DSC06496 DSC06497DSC06500 It was cool to see books from some of our favorite ice cream brands – COOLHAUS AND JENI’s DSC06505 DSC06506 DSC06508DSC06512 DSC06513 DSC06522 DSC06523DSC06531 DSC06533 DSC06535 DSC06536

We then headed over to Spruce Street Harbor Park where for the summer they have a pop up restaurant, an installation of hammocks and these amazing lights. They also have great games and fun lounge chairs.  Beyond that you can take a little boat around if you want – we didn’t wait for a swan or dragon or boat ride because we just wanted to walk around.

While walking back we saw this great sculpture from WILLIAM KING entitled THE STROLL that was so lovely.

DSC06537 DSC06540 DSC06549 DSC06555 DSC06556
DSC06563 DSC06564 DSC06568Crochet art bombing on the posts DSC06571 DSC06572 DSC06573 DSC06580 DSC06582 DSC06584DSC06590DSC06596 DSC06599 DSC06601 DSC06602

Next up was RITTENHOUSE SQUARE where we discovered this lovely juice bar, http://puresweets.com/. I had a delicious lemonade made with lavender.  We also tried one of the sweets – a banana bread that was incredible.  The design of this shop is so special it is a must see especially if you like COLD PRESS, organic and vegan treats and great design!

DSC06612 DSC06613

We finally got to our hotel and found out we were upgraded to a suite. The hotel is under renovations right now but if you can see our room you can see the rooms are beautifully decorated. This is a suite but the overall hotel lobby is bright and the staff super friendly. I would highly recommend staying at the Sonesta Hotel if you are looking for something centrally located and well priced. On top of that they have a nice size swimming pool. The only recommendation I would have is some food & beverage service at the pool or a way to get water at least just in case you didn’t bring a bottle with you. http://www.sonesta.com/philadelphia

DSC06617 DSC06618 DSC06619 DSC06621 DSC06626 DSC06627 DSC06629 DSC06630 DSC06632So you are in Philly and we of course had to try the best philly cheesteak – we read several articles and couldn’t really figure out what is the #1 voted spot – Some people say Jim’s others say TONY LUKE’s we read this GQ article and decided to go with SONNY’s and we were not disappointed – it was delicious. http://www.gq.com/blogs/the-feed/2014/01/alan-richman-10-best-cheesesteaks-in-philadelphia.html
DSC06638 The next morning we had the run the ROCKY stairs at the Art Museum so before we did we stopped by for a delicious egg sandwich – RY BREAD – this place was great ! Great service and a really yummy breakfast and just blocks away from ROCKY –  http://www.rybreadcafe.comDSC06641 DSC06642DSC06651 DSC06654DSC06663

Across the street from Rocky lies another beautiful statue this of JOAN OF ARC and incredible heroine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_of_ArcDSC06664Back to our pool at the hotel SONESTA for some rays 
DSC06691Next up we go see my favorite store ANTHROPOLOGIE on WALNUT STREET – such a visually stimulating place filled with art, crafts, incredible design, antiques and amazing things to buy 
DSC06698 DSC06699 DSC06702 DSC06704 DSC06705 DSC06706 DSC06708 DSC06714 DSC06715 I want this table set so bad !!! I am a bit in love with it !!!DSC06716 DSC06717 DSC06718Love these !  I would love to have my dogs painted by this artist. 
DSC06722 DSC06723 DSC06724 These look like EMU — I learned EMUS can not walk backwards only forward when I worked with the brand EMU DSC06726 The Fell-Van Renssalaer House was commissioned to be built in 1897 by Sarah Drexel Fell, widow of a Philadelphia coal magnate. … Drexel Fell moved in in 1898 with her new husband, Alexander Van Rensselaer. … Peabody & Stearns, of Boston, designed the Beaux Arts-style house. … It has an original Tiffany & Co. stained glass dome and a ceiling with a cluster of portraits of Italian princes encircled in gold frames – both among the notable elements that have outlived several ownership changes.” Phila. Inquirer, 1/7/14, at 10, 12.DSC06727 What a beautiful massage table DSC06729 I would love this bed DSC06730 Mara Hoffman journals – I need the Mara Hoffman pillows DSC06731 DSC06733 DSC06735 DSC06736 DSC06738 DSC06741 DSC06743 DSC06745 Our last stop was the ITALIAN MARKET which was shown during ROCKY when he is running through the streets of Philly to the famous stairs scene – of course being Italian we had to visit this spot. We went a bit late in the afternoon, like every market you should go before 1:00pm.  They have great fruits, vegetables, home made pasta, cheese galore and great Italian sandwiches. We got a tip on line to try PAESANO’s and our sandwiches were delicious. DSC06746 DSC06747 DSC06748 DSC06749 DSC06750 DSC06751 DSC06753Philly is a great city to visit – it is a quick trip from the city and really is great to explore – I would highly recommend a day trip or a full weekend – there is a lot to do and so many great restaurants and places to shop.

I was a foodie this week for sure – I love food and I especially  love checking out awesome environments, branding and just overall creativity – I got a lot of that plus more this week.  On Sunday I checked out the ESSEX STREET MARKET which I have gone to another time – I adore this place with all of its little cheese shops and yummy delicacies and amazing produce section. DSC06206Try the homemade lavender & honey ice cream from Luca & Bosco DSC06202On Tuesday, I decided to check out the FANCY FOOD show. I paid $60 for my ticket and I felt like I ate that amount and more worth of yummyness – I tried about 8+ different ice cream and shorbet places alone!

I love seeds I have them in my daily chia/ blueberry / coconut milk / buckweat  mixture – I have pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and whatever I can get my hands on so this brand really was interesting – SUPER SEEDZ and you can get a dispenser for your seeds – brilliant ! I grew up eating pumpkin and sesame seeds so I think this is brilliant !!! DSC06209 - CopyNext on to TEA – RRIFIC which which is tea infused ice cream and I tried the delicious blueberry and lavender – which Whole Foods needs to get in because this is so lovely. 
DSC06214DSC06217Next up was BATCH – I love their branding it is very clean and the ice cream is clean – not many ingredients and just pure flavor I tried the SALTED CARMEL and it was perfection !
DSC06229DSC06231DSC06236Mediterra is one of the most delicious energy bars ever – they use olives, pistachios, honey – so amazing – I crave it as I think about it ! DSC06238DSC06240I love this branding here from REBEL Kale Chips – SUPER HERO kale chips – super cute ! 
DSC06252SALT WATER TAFFY from Brooklyn in this beautiful packaging – MADE IN USA
DSC06255DSC06256Cocktail Crate Craft Mixer DSC06257KOM BREW CHA DSC06258DSC06260EMPIRE MAYONNAISE has amazing taste and beautiful chic branding 
DSC06275DSC06274And my most favorite ice cream right now is STEVE’S MEXICAN CHILI CHOCOLATE FROM BROOKLYN FARE so amazing !!! I was so happy to tell them how much I love their ice cream !!! 
DSC06272Hello Emmy’s if you want a healthy and yummy snack have EMMY’s I get mine at WHOLE FOODS or

WESTERLY MARKET DSC06266The new flavor CHOCOLATE CHIP – love the packaging ! DSC06268Yes coffee that helps you make you go to sleep – I really dig natural ways to do that because sometimes you are stressed and you need a little help to go to sleep I use CALM that has magnesium in it but COUNTING SLEEP seems interesting DSC06281DSC06283Very yummy chocolate and chocolate and cherries – delicious ! love the pretty packaging ! DSC06284DSC06286DSC06287DSC06288AJIRI TEA – all of these boxes are handmade and works of art – great gifts

Their  goal is to create employment for women in western Kenya, and to educate orphans in their communities. Through the sale of Ajiri Tea, they aim to form a sustainable cycle of community employment and education.

Kenyan Black Tea is grown in the green, fertile Kisii Hills of western Kenya. Their goal is to create employment for women in western Kenya. Each unique label is handmade using dried banana leaves. All profits from sales of Ajiri Tea are donated to the Ajiri Foundation to pay school fees for orphans in western Kenya.

DSC06296DSC06301DSC06297DSC06299DSC06300Jeni’s is also sold at BROOKLYN FARE and is delicious ice cream DSC06306DSC06307Try their pistachio honey ricotta it is incredible DSC06311Sexy pop their logo reminded me of QUADROPHENIA DSC06315Volvic is my partner at the studio but since we don’t have a sparkling water figured I can chat about SOMETHING NATURAL that has beautiful packaging and I tried the blueberry lemon and it was super refreshing DSC06322We all know KALE IS KOOL! DSC06324If  you haven’t tried LUNA & LARRY’s COCONUT BLISS do it today – I love their pops and all their lovely flavors and you don’t feel guilty having it because it is non – dairy DSC06327Hello Siggi’s beautiful packing and delicious !! I love all their flavors and their new little on the go packets are so lovely DSC06330DSC06331Danielle Chips are good – I have had a few of the flavors and they are just really good snacks DSC06335Nib Mor – I took some for the road and it is really nice cocoa – I love the flavors DSC06358MCConnell’s is big in CALIFORNIA – they are from Santa Barbara and we need more of them here because this is delicious FINE ICE CREAM – wowzer ! DSC06363Double Peanut Butter Chip is no joke DSC06365DSC06368CHAUO is extremely flavorful with neat packaging – I love the colors and their combos are delicious DSC06369DSC06371DSC06372You have to loe the name and the colors on the packaging – SO FUN! DSC06374I love OLOVES and think OLOVES as snacks are brilliant DSC06375I first tried PHIN & PHEBES at the GOVERERNORS BALL festival I think their Vietnamese coffee and it was delicious this time I tried Peanuty Pretzel and it was incredible – a local ice cream story DSC06376DSC06378We all know FAGE and love them – so good for breakfast or a snack to get some protein in during the day and they have so many flavors to choose from
DSC06387I love the backaging of this brand and the names for the items DSC06397FORTE was pretty delicious – I had to try it ! DSC06398DSC06404I love the LA CROIX’s packaging DSC06405This is really tasty ice cream and the brand ambassadors reminded me of the fun guys from MOODS OF NORWAY one of the guys had pants on with the logo all over them – really fun – their ice cream sandwich was delicious ! 
DSC06402Really unique flavors and I think the FAT BURNER one is interesting DSC06409I love DATES and loved meeting the DATE LADY DSC06413DSC06414Scott and I tried the BEET Burger from Brooklyn Fare MADE BY LUKAS is delicious…. The Kale is incredible and we already loved the BEET – I have to still try Carrot Parsnip
DSC06416Quinn Popcorn has beautiful packaging and tastes really light and great DSC06419Even your coffee can be ethical with ETHICAL BEAN COFFEE – I think it is important to ask how we can support companies doing good and creating more sustainability all the time DSC06422And there was pasta ! DSC06425I learned a lot about SORGHUM from my friends at WONDERGRAIN – very tasty DSC06430I was pickled pink by a pickle tasting ! 
DSC06432This is 3D sculptures made from food that can be used for decor or maybe cakes – so pretty
DSC06433Quin candies were very sweet !
DSC06443DSC06444DSC06445GELATO FIASCO had a beautiful taste and really simple chic packaging – I love their flavors – check them out DSC06451DSC06454I grew up with these type of ices like orange and lemon – within their skin … these are lovely for a party DSC06457DSC06459DSC06462MATT MURPHY who I know from the fashion community started  SEL MAGIQUE which is an incredible Salt company and he just started making lovely chocolates as well – they are wonderfully delicious. I just used the salt that has some herbs added last night and it made our dinner so flavorful. http://www.selmagique.com/

I love their story

Sel Magique begins with our Classic Blend.  We batch-blend 5 ingredients to create our extraordinary salt, an indispensable favorite you’ll love for its quality, versatility, and flavor.

The heart of Classic Blend is our Fleur de Sel from Guerande, France.  This rare salt is hand-harvested in a tradition that dates from the Third Century, and is only harvested a few months of each year.  It’s collected on ancient, protected sites by paludiers, local artisans who have perfected the process of their work over generations.

DSC06391DSC06392DSC06393I didn’t realize what I was engaging in when BAR GELATO gave me a bar  this was one of my favorite finds at the Fancy Food show – they are delicious everyone of them PISTACHIO, COFFEE, TCHO CHOCOLATE – really incredible !! I need one every night and it uses simple ingredients – nothing faux – all real clean and thoughtful ingredients 
DSC06463DSC06464DSC06465DSC06468DSC06470This KOMBUCHA was another amazing find – their BEET KOMBUCHA is a must have – I need to go to FAIRWAY to get some – HEALTH-ADE KOMBUCHA is the jam ! 
DSC06477DSC06483DSC06480I didn’t see Manhattan Special at the show but I grew up with them and love themDSC06485huge fan of WAY BETTER SNACKS – I have these with my hummus and they are great !
DSC06408TEA FORTE is such a sweet company – with great packaging and very unique – I used to sell them at my store Caravan so they hold a special place for me – I am glad they expanded so much
DSC06415Outside the Jacob Javits Center DSC06486DSC06487DSC06488DSC06489


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